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33rd Regiment of Foot  -  We are a mature and friendly regiment based in the EU for the multiplayer Napole...
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[Hsm] SirLegion tagtagIf anyone is against 'Article 13' here is a link to a petition lads.
Petition unterschreiben
European Parliament: Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!
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[Cpt] SneakyFellow tagtagLights event is canceled. It no longer has enough Regiments attending it.
[Vet] Adam00138 tag  Shame!
[Sjt] Stypa_PL tagtag  Rules
[Ens] Kaiser tagtag  F
[Sjt] Stypa_PL tagtagHoldfast Santa Ana Naval Event at 6:00GMT
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[Rct] Tarjei Olavsen tagtag and [Rct] Woeski tagtag registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Sjt] King George tagtag  Welcome! :)
[Rgl] Regulation tagtag  Welcome!
[Hsm] SirLegion tagtag  Welcome guys
[Mrks] Burgundy tagtagNeed to practice melee so if anyone catches me on steam feel free to hmu, whatever skill level :))
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33rd Regiment of Foot has reached a new record of 650 registered users today!
[Rct] Xavi tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Welcome !!
[Rgl] Regulation tagtag  Welcome!
[LCpl] Richard tagtag  Welcome!
[Trp] Douggie JR tagtagCan i pay for horseman??
[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  You can donate and get my respect. That’s a much higher reward.
[CoH] Grekos tagtag  Lmao Tyler aint playing Douggie
[Rct] MountainDrake tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Sjt] King George tagtag  IRN BRU!
[Rgl] Regulation tagtag  Welcome!
[Cpl] OdaCao tagtag  not welcomed
[LCpl] Aldrich tagtagAustrian Stir Fry.
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[Col] Spoons tagtag  if no.2 was the 2nd line in the column, it wouldnt fk up - pro tip
[Col] Spoons tagtag  or lights
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  This.
[Mrks] Burgundy tagtagLook at the size of that desk, it's gonna be a good event
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[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  Well I always liked any of the Clint Eastwood films, thanks for asking Kincaid.
[Friend] Gurkha tag  You really live up to your name Burgundy.
[Vet] Conorrob tagtag  how did you fit your serrano ham like legs under that burg? id have to stand
[Cpl] DarklingGames tagtag@33rdLOTREvent #BestEvent #Mumakil #Grima
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[Col] Spoons tagtagGreat comeback from 9-4 down, gg boys!
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[Vet] Adam00138 tag  GG Guys
[Rgl] Regulation tagtag  was a tight one but good one
[Mrks] Burgundy tagtag  33rd likes it tight
[Pte] Masamune Reservestago.0
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[SjtMaj] Chef tagtag  Hmm?
[Cpl] DarklingGames tagtag  Hmmmm?
[Vet] Scarhead tagtagWhy stress out during the war when you can just chill and look at the sky.
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[Mrks] Šupak tagtag  combat R&R
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