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33rd Regiment of Foot  -  We are a mature and friendly regiment based in the EU for the multiplayer Napole...
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[Mrks] Douglass tagtag[link]
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[Pte] Max ReservestagAfter playing NW for some years i finally visited one of the great battlefields, Waterloo. Not much to see for the untrained and unread person, but for the people interested La Haye-Saint and Hougoumont was easily spotted. What a place to visite after reading, hearing, and playing about the battle. Surely a place to visit again :o
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[Rct] manstein tag, [Rct] wells tag and [Rct] Sneak tag registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Sjt] King George tagtag  That's uhm... a sizable amount of recruits... WELCOME! :d
[Col] Spoons tagtagThe groupfighting ladder has been reset!
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[Kgn] Ry4N tagtag  shit.
[Col] Spoons tagtag
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[Sjt] King George tagtag  Danke for posting
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Brilliant :)
[Pte] Richard tag  I love those videos and I love being part of the historical events :)
[Rct] Biochem_Boi tag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Rgl] Unwilling tag  Welcome to No 3
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Welcome !!
[Chsn] Ser Twenty of House Goodmen tagtagHoping for a 1-0 for Belgium with Januzaj scoring, would pay good money to see Lineker's face after that
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[SjtMaj] IrishMan tagtag  But....3rd place is coming home???
[LCpl] derpyyordi tagtag  it won't come home

greetings: Croatia
[Rct] Ghost10 tag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[LCpl] derpyyordi tagtag  welcomee ;) ;)
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Welcome - Keep up the recruiting Derpy! :)
[Pte] Richard tag  Welcome!
[Rct] Seagull tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[CSjt] Louisss tagtag  Welcome!
[Col] Spoons tagtag  whale cum!
[Mrks] Douglass tagtagi dont like supak anymore
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[Mrks] Šupak tagtag  Idemoooo!!! HR u <3
[Mrks] Šupak tagtag  [link]

nice one england, nice one
[Pte] Richard tag  Considering that I have friends in the entire Balkans, I'm very happy for Croatia. My Croatian friend said his life expectancy dropped 10 years after the match, lol.
[Sjt] King George tagtagFull might of the No.2 Company!!! (with Sneaky and YourDealer unfortenatly not in the picture...)
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[Pte] Richard tag  Damn, I wish I was there. Had to go get vaccinated because we are stupid and are letting an age old disease spread in Brazil (lol...)
[Sjt] King George tagtag  It's alright lad; most people were watching the game so attendance wasn't the highest and we had to play hussars on the other team so you didn't miss much... ;)
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Sometimes the events with smaller attendance can prove just as enjoyable as those with the highest :d
[Mrks] Šupak tagtagGood luck today and tomorrow football fans!! It's gonna be tough:P
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[Chsn] Ser Twenty of House Goodmen tagtag  rip, you go croatia. Win this thing
[SjtMaj] IrishMan tagtagAlright, gamblers (if there is any xD) I'm taking two bets for these semi finals. I'm picking France for the first game and England for the second. If anyone wants to take me up on this here are my terms. Simple: Loser donates 20.00Euro for this month's Regimental goal. And obv you can't pick the same team >.> hmu if interested.
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[Kgn] Ry4N tagtag  im thinking belgium and England... i have a feeling this belgium squad is op
[Kgn] Ry4N tagtag  shit france just scored
[SjtMaj] IrishMan tagtag  Fucking hell picking winners is EZZZZZZ
[LCpl] Crusher tagtagU need to see this!!! #Savage
I Faked Being Sick To Play Fortnite! (Skipping School!)
I Can't Believe This Actually WORKED!!! Today I Fake Sicknes...
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[SjtMaj] Chef tagtag  omg... cant believe he actually did that
[Pte] Masamune Reservestag  dont see the problem missing school once in a while, if you lose any subject you pick it up next day
[Rgl] Unwilling tag  #madlad
[Sjt] King George tagtagThose duel ladders sure are active...
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[Kgn] Ry4N tagtag  gf > duel
[Col] Spoons tagtag  minisiege > life
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