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33rd Regiment of Foot  -  We are a mature and friendly regiment based in the EU for the multiplayer Napole...
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[Friend] Gurkha tag  see u all in 7 days
Anonymous  donated £1.00 to 33rd Regiment of Foot.
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[Fus] IrishMan tagtagSooooo my headset is broken. Looking to buy a new one, you guys got any recommendations? My previous headset was Sennheiser Game Zero. So looking for improved suggestions ;p Thanks!!!! xoxoxoxo
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[SjtMaj] Alec tagtag  I have this one currently really like it [link]
[Lt] Kaiser tagtag  As i've recommended to Adamo, Hyper x Colud 1 or 2, good quality of sound and mic for a decent price. and it comes with usb sound card.
[Fus] Matt tagtag  i also recommend hyper x cloud
[Col] Spoons tagtagHappy Birthday ALEC!
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[SjtMaj] Alec tagtag  Thanks :) For some reason the message is showing one day late lol.
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  Happy birthday broo!
[LCpl] Richard tagtag  Happy birthday mate!
[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtagCompletely forgot no even tonight :((((
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[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtag  Gave me an excuse to celebrate 4/20 and ordered a fat Indian takeaway
[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  +1 except Kebab
[Sjt] DarklingGames tagtag  but there was an event
[Lt] Tylerus tagtagHappy Birthday to my gorgeous Wife Uganda! Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and built our perfect family.
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[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  Happy birthday!
[Rct] Strawman tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtagJust added Bastos & Turkish to our EIC Roster, if you wish to get added for next weeks match speak now! :) x
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[Col] Spoons tagtag  add Sparrow just in case he wants to ;p id: 1329605
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  sorry was away, will for next week!
[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtagTS insta crash whenever I join a server xD, any tips
[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  Suicide?

Just try reinstall my guy.
[Lt] Kaiser tagtag  Try to update or reinstall it
[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtag  FIXED HAD TO RESTART TWICE
[Cpl] Ser Twenty of House Goodmen tagtagHappy birthday Darkling!
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  <3 bae
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  Happy birthday bro!
[LCpl] Richard tagtag  Happy birthday!
[Rct] Mavislot tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Rct] Mr.Monk tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  You smell, but welcome
[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtag  Sauna musk
[Col] Spoons tagtag  Sansa Musky
[LCpl] Aldrich tagtag17/04/2019
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  That hussar uniform is INSANE!! :o
[LCpl] Aldrich tagtagWould love to see Lights try and beat that score. #no.2 superior
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[Col] Spoons tagtag  would love to see no2 AND no3 beats lights at the same time :d

[LCpl] Aldrich tagtag  :(
[Vet] Conorrob tagtag  thats still a shit K/D
[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtagNumber three and their cossack birthright for a sig if anyone wants
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[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  I like, I like a lot.
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  haha i'm in the back...
[LCpl] Cameron Bush tagtag  Dirty hussar Kincaid
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