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33rd Regiment of Foot  -  We are a mature and friendly regiment based in the EU for the multiplayer Napole...
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[Vet] Scarhead tagtagTnx for the hugh Derpy <3
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[Pte] wololo tagtag  Jambi??
[Vet] Scarhead tagtag  Jambi dident make it, may Jambi rest in peace T_T
[Fus] Tommy the Commie aka DawnOfWar tagAfter his honour besmirched by a lonely 3rd company Fusilier, Trolls, of the cavalry company, was forced to challenge him to a duel. It was decided that the outcome would be determined by a pistol-duel.
Painting "The Duel" by Tomas - 1815
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[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  by the looks of the building in the background it was more of an arty duel
[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  You both did well in today’s event. Just a shame Troll got shown up ;)
[LCpl] Aldrich tagtag33rd VS KK Event
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[Col] Spoons tagtag  that's a fine hat i've got there
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  looks like a mop
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Lord Raglan himself!!
[Rct] o_opirateo_o tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Hsm] SirLegion tagtag  Welcome :)
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  Welcome!
[Col] Spoons tagtag  [link]
[Fus] Cameron Bush tagOut of hospital now after a complicated and slightly botched surgery. Road to recovery begins again and hopefully won’t need any more surgeries before I get back.
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[Lt] Kaiser tagtag  Noice
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  Get well bro!
[Mrks] Burgundy tagtag  "Slightly botched" missing an arm for a surgery on a knee
[Fus] 33rd_CommissarBadger tag  donated £5.00 to 33rd Regiment of Foot.
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Thanks !! :d
[Col] Spoons tagtag  every little helps!
[Col] Spoons tagtagpoopedy scoop dee woop
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Where’d Stockholm go?
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  gg and @kincaid he ragequit lol
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtagA62 through Tharbad looking slow - consider an alternate route if possible.
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[LCpl] Burnes tagtag  Oda trying to clear his name in chat xD shouldn't of opened the gate oda! #BlameOda
[Kgn] Barro tagtag  True, I still can't believe he actually did that, smh :(
[Vet] Adam00138 tag  As the cars were stuck in traffic, the motorbikes slipped onto the hard shoulder and reached their destination.
[Rct] ProstoNagibator tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Welcome !!
[LCpl] Regulation tagtag  Welcome!
[Fus] 33rd_CommissarBadger tagIn memories of Capitan Bwaze.
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Beautiful x
[Vet] Blaze tagtagAfter thinking for a while I have decided that today will be my last event, after today I will be resigning from my position of Captain in the No.3 company in the 33rd, do not take this personally, I have lost interest in the regiment itself and do not feel motivated enough to attend due to recent troubles, these troubles both include IRL and within the regiment itself, I have tried to ignore it but sadly due to recent factors within the regiment including a few individuals.

It is not fun anymore, I feel as if people have turned a very sour eye to me and quite frankly do not give a shit about anything I have done, now that I've sorted out my life and have planned it I am still tired whenever I get home from work and such however I cannot push myself to attend events due to the discouragement, and lack of motivation that these recent events have caused.

However I do want to thank everyone that I have met within the regiment and I want to thank everyone for the memories and moments that were created, thank you to all the new friends I've made I hope that I can keep in touch with all of you and hope that you succeed on any future endeavours!
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[Lt] Kaiser tagtag  F
[Fus] Cameron Bush tag  Rest in pepperoni bro x
[Rct] Bastos tagtag  registered to 33rd Regiment of Foot
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[Ens] King George tagtag  Bienvenue au 33ème régiment de pied!!! :d
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Vive le Roi!
[Sjt] Stypa_PL tagtagMy view of our glorius Cav stage during last historical. Kincaid I must admit we did it.
33rd Historical Event 6.02.2019 - Cav stage
Glorius 33rd Cav stage. Historical event 6.02.2019.
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[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  Glad I made a believer out of you Stypaaa :) It does indeed look damn good from where you were... although we really should just avoid wheels - whether mounted or on foot!!
[Lt] Tylerus tagtag  What is ‘on foot’? I know of no such thing
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  or 'on wheels' for that matter.
[Pte] Oilvre Reservestag  donated £0.50 to 33rd Regiment of Foot.
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[Pte] wololo tagtag  emptying out the bank i see
[LtCol] Kincaid tagtag  We do always say that one should not impoverish ones self for the sake of the regiment. Then again God save King George.
[Col] Spoons tagtag  extra dip
[Pte] wololo tagtagI wonder whats waiting for me at the top....
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[Sjt] DarklingGames tagtag  hmmm I don't know
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